XPC Retreat Sponsorship Opportunities

$3,000 Visionary Sponsor (1 spot)

  • Co-brand the event. Logo on all event promo materials.

$1,000 Impact Sponsor (1 spot)

  • Named lunch/refreshments sponsor on promo materials.
  • Option to co-create working lunch activity and discussion.

$500 Pioneer Sponsor (3 spots)

  • Partner with organizers to co-create targeted discussion topics (3 spots)

Attendee list available by request.

For inquiries, contact paulius@xprimarycare.com

Retreat logistics and agenda information available here.

  • Here’s a recap of our DPC-themed retreat in spring of 2023 where we partnered with Milliman and brought together key stakeholders across different silos in this space. 
  • We’ve also had tremendous success in convening people virtually for large scale events like our 2023 summer AI + Healthcare hackathon (hundreds of participants across 16 time zones, dozens of sponsors).

  • We are going to publish a landscape article on FQHCs on our Substack following this retreat. It will be similar to a deep dive we did on the direct primary care landscape.
  • Our publication has 2,500 subscribers with >50% open rate. In the last year, the average views per article were >5,000.
  • Our LinkedIn posts regularly generate 5-10K impressions with some posts reaching 50,000 to 80,000+ impressions.

Note: sponsorship of the retreat does not include sponsored content in our publication or socials.